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COMING-SOON! 2024 Fall-Winter Must SEES
By Bulk Offer Items
Outer Wears Cover Up''s Kimonos Dusters
HATS -Facinators-Hair Accessories -GLOVES-MITTENS-
TOPS - Dresses
Skinny Scarves/Headband/Sash Scarf/Belt
Special Occasion Accessories
SocialOccasions, Bridal & Day Clutches
$1 ~ $5.99
$6 ~ $11.99
$12 ~ $16.99
$17 ~ $25.99
$26 and up

  Online Visitors

Designer House's web gallery shows RETAIL-Prices, until an upgrade is complete.
Completing Registration Process allows entry into our web gallery but our wholesale pricing is confidential protect guidelines for Wholesale Trade.

Visitors to Designer House web gallery may
A. Utilize the site for your Retail purchases  or
B. Utilize to locate local Retail Store that carry Designer House product line in your area by clicking Find Retail Store In your area icon shown at Home Page.
C. For RESALE companies, request to Upgrade your company in our system to access wholesale information

Upgrade in our Resale-Buyer Status
Designer House will manually code to upgrade your User-ID to wholesale sourcing status and able to navigate on our buyers-only web gallery. To proceed with the upgrade request, the requirements are:
1) a valid Resale or Tax-ID number
2) a valid e-mail contact
3) complete buyer, company & contact information

After login, click MY INFO
and KEY-IN your resale number at required field or your Tax-ID number for verification. Please allow during business hours to manually authorize status to access Wholesale pricing information.
We notify to your e-mail status of your upgrade (please confirm correct email).
Note: Our IT-system automatically defaults to non-buyer status when the system notes an INCORRECT e-mail address.

  Ordering ONLINE:
A. Once your status upgrades, you will be able to utilize shopping-cart to place your
     Purchase-Order online. Online order are-NOT charged until ready-to-ship
B. We DO-NOT ship items listed under Back-Order for orders placed online

NOTE :  We may NOT be able to ship certain protected product line to your zip code area if  the area has been secured by one of our VIP-sourcing company.

  VIP Buyer Status Companies

VIP Buyer status companies are Designer House's PARTNER-Buyer companies.

member-Partner company's Benefits:

1. All product line in all categories showcased by Designer House, regardless of quantity, are mixed-Case pricing(Volume pricing)
2. Complimentary Services
   A. FREE Dropship
   B. 3-Zipcode area protection
   C. NO-RESTOCK fee on approved exchanges

 VIP Status Eligibility:
  1. Routine sourcing, at least once per month for 6-months
  2. Minimum 1 order per month (Minimum $300)
  3. Annual total sourcing volume $5000 accumulative

 VIP Status Reinstatement
  1. Paused Prior VIP status - may REINSTATE by resuming the Routine minimum sourcing for 2-months
  (PPV-status) are buying companies whose paused-period is 3-months or less from last sourcing date

  Payment Methods and Policies

We accept Company Check & COD's only from current qualified Buying Companies ACTIVE in our system.

 1. Online Order (Minimum $100)
    A. Online Order  (An Order must be pulled-N-Ready to pack before charging the card)
    B. (NO Paypal)
    C. Declined or wrong charge cards must be resolved by the day-end, as spacing
         prohibits ability to hold any pulled orders

2. Telephone Orders (minimum order $50)
     A. An Order must be pulled-N-Ready to pack before charging the card

3. Tradeshow Orders
    A. Deposit is required for 'guarantee-ship': for Orders placed on products ARRIVING
         but NOT-in-stock(the order in our system places the quantity on hold-as
         SOLD quantity on behalf of the order)
    B. For orders from in-stock products that are  READY-to-SHIP or Carry must be
         paid in full even if the buying company requests deferred ship date(orders
         processed in our system depletes from available inventory in our-system to
         SOLD status),
         unless the buying company is among our current approved net accounts.
    C. We provide Order Worksheets for buying companies considering our product line
         for Tentative future orders.

Buying company's Order Cancellations: Cancellation on confirmed orders under 'guarantee-ship' or pre-paid, we impose 10% cancellation fee or 15% Restock-fee
Designer House's failure to ship 'guarantee-ship' or prepaid orders, we pay 20% penalty fee to the buying company

4. Importing products through Designer House Brokerage
    Method of payments via Wire Transfer or Letter Of Credit with guaranteed CD
    Certificate for container (large quantity)base product order.
    A. 50% Deposit upon submitting product specification in the Proforma
    B. 50% Balance paid in full BEFORE loading to sail or on flight
    C. Designer House fee disclosure 8-20% variable by order size

Logistics: Manufacturer to the Buying Company
Non-cancelable - Non refundable transaction agreement


All returns, deemed defective or otherwise MUST be in it's ORIGINAL product packaging, NO Exceptions!

1. Claiming credit for Defective Items
     A. Within 7-days from the date of invoice/purchase or the date delivery, Designer House must be notified
          On product(s) found be  defective to obtain an RA-number  via
         (1) Send an image of the defected area/part - to or  send images via text to 404-4933249

         (2) The following MUST accompany your defected image(s)
             - Invoice or receipt number or date of invoice
             - Company Name
             - Item number associated with defected item. specific quantity and color

     B.  Designer House Resolution:
             - Issue a Destroy-code and process In-system credit or
             - Issue an RA-Number to return defective piece(s) via USPS if small qty/size whereas Designer House will assume returning postage                      and issue in-system credit upon receiving the return or
             - Designer House will ship replacement pieces, issue RA-number for returning flawed pieces on CallTag issued by Designer House to                    process the returning defective pieces for proper credit.

NOTE: RA-number expires/cancels  after 15-days from issuance

Note: In-store CREDIT only  - NO REFUNDS on defected claims 

2. Received Incorrect Item
    A. Within 7-days from the date of invoice/purchase, Designer House must be notified
          for receipt of incorrect item to obtain an RA-number
    B. Incorrect item must be returned within 15-days from issuance of the RA-number
    C. Designer House will Ship-correct item, process as in-system credit  or REFUND the
         return(Buyer's Choice)

3. Wish to Return - Change of Mind 

 ALL Sales are Final! .... No exchanges or Returns!  are wholesale suppliers' general rule, however we are willing give consideration on a      case by cases - If Designer House grant the return/exchange, Restocking charge of 20% will apply and 50% on any soldout items being      considered for return.   Acceptable conditions for required of products being considered for return:  For products in-tact in their     ORIGINAL un-tampered packaging, 

4. Any Return of item(s) NOT Included/Listed/Authorized on itemized Defective claim is/are considered Trash or subject to accumulating storage/handling fees 

5. Return from Rejected Shipments
We will assess 20% Restocking-fee plus the ship charge for to-N-fro for all rejected shipments

  SHIPPING & Back-Orders

Orders received by 1pm are processed for same day shipping. Orders received after 1pm are processed the following business day. Most orders are shipped via UPS logistics however we will follow buyer preferred logistics/forwarding companies if shipping details accompanies the request in advance of the order. Please note that once the shipment is picked up by UPS or other logistics carrier, Designer House at Golden will provides itfs buyers with a tracking-number via e-mail. Tracking responsibility then is ASSIGNED to sourcing buyer company and TRANSIT guarantee is TRANSFERRED to involved logistics carrier. For shipments by UPS, your transit tracking is found at

NOTE: We do-not ship by USPS (United States Postal Service)

In our commitment to safeguard Buyer's business interest and planning, our policy is NOT to automatically ship Back-Order without buyeres request in advance. We recommend that buyer Company re-order any Back-Ordered items on their next order.


DESIGNER INSPIRED Accessories(Handbags, Scarves & Belts) MUST-NOT be confused as exact design copies from original designers. gDesigner Inspiredh are NOT-original designer items. Designer inspired items are comparable in quality, styles and affordability as non-original alternatives.

Brand Name representations Designer House sponsors are legally licensed Brand Name items we exhibit as a contract distributor for such Brand Name items

All contents, products, and services on the site, or obtained from a site which the site maybe linked are provided to you gAS ISh without warranty of any kind either express or implied including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of neither merchantability nor fitness of our merchandise for a particular purpose. Additionally, Designer House DOES-NOT endorse and IS-NOT responsible for reliability of opinion, advice or suggested marketability of any merchandise imported and sponsored, other than factual product content. Furthermore, other than as required under applicable Consumer Protection Law, under no circumstances will Designer House be liable for any loss or damages caused by userfs reliance on formed opinion through the images and opinions displayed on the site.

  ORDERING BY FAX or E-Mail (Minimum Order $50)

NOTE: We may NOT be able to ship Valentino Brand and certain Designs for your ZIP-CODE if the area has been secured by one of our VIP-sourcing company. Our system will track Zip-Code exclusivity by-Item-Number & by-Color for 12-week period unless the secured buyer re-orders the item-number & the color which will extend exclusivity to the secured buyer for another 12-weeks etcc
To ensure quality control and order accuracy, valid order request MUST be in writing accompanied by a signed Credit Card Authorization Form. Written orders may be transmitted via fax to (404) 250-7450 or via E-mail to
Your order must be accompanied by USER-Identification number issued by Designer House at Golden Ribbon or a valid State Resale Certificate number and a valid Business License and Business ship-to address.